The Tuffy Underseat Drawer Safe
For Jeep Wrangler JK’s
Is Just AWESOME!!!
Jun 2024

Down South Adventures

What is up guys and welcome to another episode of down south Adventures. Now, as you can see we’re keeping Bella naked a lot more since I can’t go overlanding with my back. So, we’re going to be naked a lot and you know we like to travel with some expensive things. Some pews, some tools, some sunglasses. We got to have a way to keep those safe.

Well the folks at Tuffy Security Products have this safe that will mount under the seat because, you know, for us storage is important we don’t want something big and bulky in the way. This thing is going to tuck right underneath and keep all our stuff safe. So, what do they need to do babe?

Stay tuned.

Let’s get this thing opened up. So, when you get it it’s all packed very very nicely. Now there are two ways that you guys can hook this up. You can do it just with your two seat bolts or you also have an option to put a third bolt through the drawer system. So, the third bolt would make this thing literally impossible to steal because you would need to have the safe open to be able to get to the third bolt. However, we are not going to do the first one yet so go ahead and flip that thing back over real quick and I’ll show them where that third bolt goes. So, you see this hole right here so you would need to be able to take the drawer out to actually get to that if it’s locked. They can’t do it so this thing could be very very foolproof.

We are going to do the version of just putting the two seat mounts on right now just because my back not climbing under a Jeep and drilling a hole through the floor so we’re going to do that later. We just won’t do it for this install. What do we got there?

Uh bolts and zip ties maybe is that the third bolt you think you’re talking about. I would think so so something that’s super cool about Tuffy they make security products for all over the vehicle. They make a safe that goes in your center console. They make a safe that goes in your dash and they make a safe that goes and turns the whole rear of your Jeep into a lock box. What’s really cool about that is Tuffy will actually key your locks all the same so that you have one lock look.

How much space that is pull that out really nice drawer slide system super super nice and that’s actually a ton of storage right? Yeah, like that’s going to hold pew-pews and all kinds of extra stuff. It would hold, I mean both of ours and still leave plenty of room yeah. You see, typically we mount our flashlight right there on the side of the seat and so you could even put flashlights in there it’s long enough for that wallet. Yeah, this is super cool.

I’m excited and think of how easy this is going to be to install guys. You’re going to use your existing bolts from your Jeep seat. You’re going to pull those out and then slide this in between the seat and the floor and put those factory bolts back in it.

Tuffy REC-line warranty built to last a lifetime fully warranted against defects in material and workmanship. So, that’s nice. It does not cover rusting or the coating or the cost for installation, of course, um so yeah the fact that it has a lifetime warranty is pretty impressive and Tuffy Security has been around for a long time guys. A long time.