Tuffy Bronco Console Safe Review
Oct 2023

Tuffy gets Eric’s take about the Bronco Console Safe installed in his Ford Bronco Sasquatch Edition.

Hi, my name is Eric. I’m here with my ’23 base sasquatch edition. One of the fun things about the Bronco‘s is all the accessories that you can put on it. One of my favorites is the console safe from Tuffy.

I typically put my sidearm. I use a 1911 and it fits in there perfectly but I also use it for, you know, everyday use.

One of the reasons I really love the console safe is because it has the 3-digit combo lock. I love that I can just walk away not having anything in my pockets or on my person. I can come back, put in the 3-digit combo and unlock it to have everything I need, right there, ready to go.

It’s just a phenomenal product. I’m not worried about anything when it’s in there. The build quality is excellent. I just absolutely love the product and I love the Bronco. It goes hand in hand and I’m super happy with it.

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Tuffy Bronco Console Safe

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