Busted Knuckle Bronco Prerunner Interior Upgrades – Knucklehead Garage
Apr 2021
Well it has been a year since we did an update on the Busted Knuckle Bronco Prerunner Build. We took it out to King of the Hammers and beat on it with our friends at Desolate Motorsports. We quickly figured out that we had built one killer Ford Bronco Prerunner but the interior needed a lot of help. Well we got with PRP and put some of their awesome seats in it, mounted our custom KC lightbar and even installed a new center console from Tuffy. A few months later we were daily driving it pretty hard when the Ford 351 just started sputtering and lost all power. We worked for months trying to diagnose the issue with no answers. So now it’s time to rip it out and make something happen. Maybe we can add some power to this beast of a Bronco!

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