Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
I cannot find a product specific for my vehicle. Do you have anything that will fit my vehicle?

While we make an ongoing effort to build out application specific products for every vehicle, that has proven challenging. That’s why we make universal and portal security products! Take a look and you’ll find something to fit your needs.

I’m interested in a Scratch & Dent product. What condition is it in?

Scratch & Dent items will have a minor dent or blemish that prevents the product from being sold in new condition. Scratch & Dent items are fully functional and will operate the same as a new unit.

Are your products waterproof?

No. Exterior products are weather resistant.

How do I order replacement parts for my Tuffy Product?

Not all component parts are available through the website. However, as the manufacturer, we have all parts available. Please call one of our Product Specialist to order any replacement parts you need at 800.348.8339 or use our contact page to get the conversation started.

If I modify or alter my product, will it void the warranty?


Is the warranty of my product transferable?


My product is not working correctly. How do I get help?

Use our contact page to get the conversation started with one of our Technical Support team members.

What is the difference between a CJ, YJ, TJ, LJ, JK and JL Jeeps?

Each Jeep model, (with few exceptions) comes with a two-character abbreviation:
JL – Wrangler 2018 – present
JK – Wrangler 2007 – 2018
LJ – Wrangler Unlimited 2003 – 2006
TJ – Wrangler 1997 – 2006
YJ – Wrangler 1987 – 1995
CJ – Civilian Jeep 1955 – 1986

Can Tuffy build a custom box to fit my vehicle?

Tuffy can build custom boxes in quantities, however, due to the expense of reprogramming our computerized machinery, single custom boxes are generally too costly to produce.  If you are looking for multiple units please call for a quote.

Do I have to buy direct from Tuffy or do you have distributors?

You can purchase directly from Tuffy at the listed retail price or you can visit the Dealer Locator Page on our website and find a distributor near you. Locate Retail Locations and Upfitter Locations.

Shipping & Return Questions
What is Tuffy's return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Tuffy product call for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within 10 days of receiving the item. The item must have been purchased directly from Tuffy and all returns require the original invoice. Repackaging instructions will be given at the time the RMA is given. See our Return Policy Page for complete details.

Lock & Key Questions
How can I find the keycode number?

The keycode number will be etched on the Lock Face and the Key. It will begin with a 45XXX. 

Can I get multiple Tuffy items keyed alike?

Whether you are purchasing your first Tuffy products or buying new products to compliment your existing Tuffy product, you can have your products keyed alike!

Tuffy sells additional locks which can be used to key all of your items alike, regardless of the type of Tuffy lock.

I’m buying multiple Tuffy products for the first time, how do I key them alike?

Add a Key Alike Service to your order. This will ensure that your products arrive with the same key code. 

How can I get additional keys?

Additional keys can be purchased directly from the Tuffy website. We will need to know the number that is stamped on your keys and a picture emailed to [email protected] of the existing key.

How do I get replacement keys?

Replacement keys are no problem we just need to verify ownership of the Tuffy product for security purposes before we send out replacement keys. This can be done two ways:

  1. If you have the original key then you could simply snap a picture of it and email it to us. ([email protected])
  2. Or take a picture of the lock face (with the code on it) and include your vehicle registration or driver’s license in the picture and email it to us.

Keys are $5 plus shipping and handling for a set of two keys. After you send the email, you can either order new keys on the web site or give us a call.

I forgot my combination. How do I get into my Tuffy product?

Use our Contact Page to speak directly with a Technical Support Product Specialist.

I already have a Tuffy product and I want to buy another, how do I get it keyed alike?

Add a Key Alike Service to your cart and note your existing key number in the order notes field. We’ll take care of the rest.

I have multiple Tuffy Products, how can I get them keyed alike?

Tuffy sells additional locks which can be used to key all of your items alike, regardless of the type of Tuffy lock.

I cannot turn the key to my Tuffy lock. How can I fix it?

Use silicone spray to lubricate the lock. We do not recommend WD-40 or oil as they attract particulate that binds in the lock.

How often should I lubricate my locks?

Lubricate your locks every 6 months to maintain proper function. More often in dryer climates.

How long do your 10-digit combination locks last?

This depends on the usage level and how rough the end users are with the product, but either way they should last for years.

How do I troubleshoot/maintenance my 10-digit Combination Lock?

Combination locks do require maintenance for them to operate properly. Here are some basic steps to maintenance and trobleshoot your lock and keep it functioning properly:

  1. Test the combination lock operation with the drawer open.
    1. With the drawer open, manually close the latch inside with your finger.
    2. Using the combination portion of the lock, slide the “clear” tab over–enter the combination and turn the knob 1/4 turn.
    3. If the combination lock trips the latch open with the drawer open, the combination lock is working properly and the focus needs to be on the striker post alignment. (SEE SECTION 2)
    4. If the combination lock does NOT trip open the latch with the drawer open, the focus needs to be on the combination lock portion. (SEE SECTION 3)
  2. If the combination lock trips the latch open when the drawer is open then we need to look at the striker post alignment.
    1. The striker post is the thick steel post that is about 2.5″ long and is affixed opposite the latching mechanism.
    2. The first thing to check is for pressure against the post/latch when closed.
      • When the drawer are packed full, especially in the front section by the latching mechanism, this can create pressure on the latch which could inhibit release/opening.
      • To test if this is happening, close the drawer and then apply inward pressure on the drawer handle while attempting to open the drawer using the combination lock.
      • Inward pressure will help alleviate any added pressure from gear stored inside. (as little as 1/16″ can cause the latch arm to bind up against the striker post)
      • If this works then simply move the gear inside the drawer away from the latch to keep the pressure back. (If not go to SECTION 3)
  3. Over time, when the drawers which are heavy, keep getting slammed shut, the striker post can get skewed by a small amount.
    1. The latch has a “claw type arm” that when closed wraps around the striker post.
    2. When the striker post gets pushed back due to the drawers being shut over time the claw will try to release but will get hung up on the back side of the post.
    3. To fix this simply grab the striker post with a big pair of channel locks and pull it outward. You will not be able to move it much but as I said it only takes 1/16″ or so to get it back into position.
    4. Then apply a coating of lithium grease to the post. This will help with friction between the steel components and allow for smooth transitions.
  4. If the combination lock will NOT trip the latch open with the drawer open, then we need to look at the combination lock itself. The combination portion of the lock has an internal clutch to keep it from getting stripped.
    1. First make sure the screw on the back of the combination lock that secures the cam arm is tightened down.
    2. If the screw is loose, then the “stop cam” that is inline will not engage and the cam arm will simply spin without pressures when turned.
    3. Using silicone spray lubricate the lock.
    4. Check the lock operation.
      • Knob in vertical position
      • Slide the clear tab over and release it.
      • Key in all #’s for the selected combination code.
      • Turn knob in direction of the “open” arrow 1/4 turn.
      • Latch should pop open inside drawer.

We know this seems daunting, but these are quite simple steps, and it is reasonable to assume that maintenance would have to be performed periodically. We would be happy to go over these steps with anybody who would like to give us a call. These steps have been highly successful, and we are confident they will be for you also.

Console Safe Questions
How does the safe install?

Console Safes are specific to vehicles based on Make, Model, Year and console style. Depending on your vehicle, the console safe will either bolt or “press” itself inside of your factory console.

How does it prevent somebody from removing the bolts and taking it out?

When installed, the mounting hardware will not be accessible when the console lid is locked. The only way to access the hardware is to unlock the lid.

Is it a box?

Our Truck Console Safes are not a box. Tuffy’s patent pending design uses a framed lid that is held in position using two support braces. These support braces hold the framed lid at the top of the console closing all gaps while increasing storage space by using the sides of your factory console.

How do I know what type of console I have?

Check with your local dealer or use this search tool called Google. It’s pretty neat.

What is the difference between the Series II Console and the Deluxe Stereo Console?

The Deluxe Stereo Console has a separate front compartment where a stereo or CB can be permanently mounted. The Series II Console has one storage compartment and does not include provisions to mount a stereo or CB.

Can I mount a CD player in the Deluxe Stereo Console?

Our experience has been that most quality CD players will work fine in the console, however some stereo manufacturers and installers advise against mounting at an angle. Check with the manufacturer of your specific brand.

Do I have to drill holes in my floor for installation of a Tuffy console?

Drilling is required in some consoles but not in others.  Installation instructions are available for each part on the Tuffy website.  Simply refer to the instructions for your specific console.

What is the best way to route the electronics wires in my Overhead Console?

It is ultimately your decision whether to route the wiring along the front windshield or through the back of the console and down the roll bar.  Tuffy has built several features into the Overhead Consoles to allow you to do either.

What angle does the stereo mount at in the Deluxe Stereo Console?

The stereo is mounted at a 66 degree angle in all of the Stereo Consoles except the TJ models where the stereo is mounted straight up and down.

Why won't the Dual Compartment Console fit my 2003+ Jeep Wrangler?

Starting with the 2003 model year, Jeep made changes to the mounting area on the windshield and the mounting area on the roll bar that does not allow a direct fit of the Dual Compartment Console.  Fortunately, the Single Compartment Console will fit just fine.

Security Drawers Questions
I can't find an under seat security drawer for my rig?

While we may not have a drawer specifically made for your rig, we do have some products that may work. We recommend getting the exact dimensions of the space you have available (depth/width/height). Make sure to look for continuous height meaning the continuous clearance from front to back. Also, note the width between where your existing seat bolt locations are in the front of the seat mounting area. You may luck out and have seat bolts that match up to one of our drawers.

After you get the specs from your vehicle you can cross-reference that with our possible products.

Universal Portable Products

  1. Part 289 – Conceal Carry Valuables Tote
  2. Part 300 – Portable Safe | Compact Pistols
  3. Part 303 – Portable Safe | Full-Size Pistols

Under Seat Drawers

  1. Part 247 – Underseat Drawer | Jeep Wrangler JK | Driver’s Side
  2. Part 248 – Underseat Drawer | Jeep Wrangler TJ, LJ | No Flip Seat
  3. Part 250 – Underseat Drawer | Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-2002 | Flip Seat
  4. Part 251 – Underseat Drawer | Jeep Wrangler TJ, LJ 2003-2006 | Flip Seat
  5. Part 293 – Underseat Drawer | Jeep Wrangler JK | Passenger’s Side
  6. Part 306 – Underseat Drawer | Ford Transit Connect | 2003 – 2013
  7. Part 335 – Underseat Drawer | Ford Explorer | 2011-2019
Does your under seat security drawer fit in my 2-door JK?

The JK under seat Conceal Carry Drawers only fit in the 4-Door JK’s. Due to the bracketing of the 2-Door seats it is impractical to create a drawer for this model. The room under there is just too limited to make anything that would have a decent amount of space to offer. For 2-Door JK owners we recommend either Part 276 JK Console Safe or Part 149 JK Glove Box.

Can I install an Underseat Drawer in my 2004-2006 Wrangler Unlimited (LJ)?

Due to the very unique seat mounting brackets, the Underseat Drawers cannot be installed.

Will my seat still fold and tumble with the Underseat Drawer?

The Underseat Drawer is designed so that fold and tumble seats will still work normally.

Will the height of my seat be affected by installing the Underseat Drawer?

In Jeep CJ’s and YJ’s the rear seat is raised slightly (about 2″). In Jeep TJ’s the rear seat is raised about 3 1/2″.

I just got my Security Drawer with a 10-digit combo lock and I can't get in.

All Security Drawers should come unlocked. Any product with a push button lock has the capability to be latched but not locked, not unlike an OEM door.

To open it grab the handle, push down the button (keyed lock) and firmly pull on the handle, the box should open. Instructions and keys will be inside the lock box. In case the drawer is locked, the default code is 12345.

Lockbox Questions
I just got my Tactical Lockbox with a 10-digit combo lock and I can't get in.

All Tactical Lockboxes should come unlocked. Any product with a push button lock has the capability to be latched but not locked, not unlike an OEM door.

To open it grab the handle, push down the button (keyed lock) and firmly pull on the handle. The box should open. Instructions and keys will be inside the lock box. In case the drawer is locked, the default code is 12345.

Does the lockbox come with an interior liner?

No. Not everyone has the same needs for their storage. Foam and Carpet liner kits are available and can be added as an accessory.