Replacement Tuffy Keys
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As a security precaution, if you require replacement keys, you will need to perform the following steps.

Take a Picture.
A picture of your keycode number and your driver’s license is required to order replacement keys.

If you have an existing key.

Take a picture of your existing key(s) with your driver’s license next to the key. Be sure that the keycode is visible.

If your keys are lost or missing.

Take a picture of your lock(s) with your driver’s license next to the lock. Be sure that the keycode is visible in the picture.

Place your Order.

Complete your order on the website.

Please note the 5-digit code from either the lock face or key in the “Key Code #” Box on the Key Replacement Page.

You will receive an order number. Use your order number as a reference when sending our team your picture verification.

Send your Picture. Our team will review the picture prior to your key order shipping. Keycodes are sometimes difficult to read, and we want to make sure we get you the correct keycode the first time!

Email – [email protected]

Suggested Subject Line: Picture Verification – Order# XXXXXX

Fax – 970-564-1783

Write your name, phone number, and order number on the photocopy prior to faxing.

When these steps are completed, your replacement key order with ship without delay! If any steps are skipped, your order will be delayed, and our team will follow up with you. Orders Will Be Cancelled After 30 days.

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Replacement Keys
Replacement Keys
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