Tuffy Security for Overlanding
Vehicle in Desert
May 2019

Luck favors the prepared. Louis Pasteur said it – in so many words – more than 150 years ago and it still rings true, especially when it comes to overlanding. From a winch and a shovel to portable power and your favorite fixings for breakfast, hitting the trail prepared for all eventualities helps make the experience a more enjoyable one.

That goes double for the assurance that comes with knowing your more valuable items are secure when you can’t be with them. Smartphones, laptops, camera gear, firearms and important paperwork are all vulnerable to theft when you’re away from your vehicle in remote areas. In fact, personal theft in a vehicle and the determination to combat it is why Tuffy Security Products was founded 30 years ago.

Vehicle in Desert
Today, the company offers a variety of in-vehicle secured storage products specifically designed to fit the most popular trucks and SUVs used for off-road excursions. Think of them as personal safes or lockboxes that offer greater theft and tampering protection than the plastic console bins and gloveboxes in today’s vehicles. In fact, most are designed to fit into existing storage spaces such as inside center console bins for a seamless, unobtrusive and stealthy appearance.

Tuffy’s products are made of 16-gauge steel and feature elements such as 1/8-inch welded steel construction in certain areas that not only make them extremely difficult to pry open, but more importantly, serve as a strong deterrent the moment a wilderness ne’er-do-well stumbles upon your vehicle while you’re off hiking. He or she will likely move on quickly after discovering the lock isn’t easy to pick or pry open.

Security is perhaps the toughest challenge for Jeep Wrangler owners, particularly when enjoying the vehicle with the top removed, and Tuffy has them covered with a number of clever solutions tailored for the unique design features of the different generations. There are conventional console and glovebox inserts, along with tailgate enclosures, cargo floor cubby lockboxes, portable stand-alone lockboxes, and even overhead console and underhood lockboxes. In short, you could turn your Wrangler into a rock-crawling, trail-busting Fort Knox. There’s even a lock system for the door hinges to prevent them from being stolen.

For convenience, most of the Tuffy security products can be keyed for multiple devices, meaning the key to unlock the console box is the same for the glovebox and/or underseat lockbox, etc. Additionally, the installation for most of the products couldn’t be easier. For console boxes, for example, they generally drop in and are located with security fasteners tied in to the lid hinge or other factory fastener location. There is more to it for some products, but compared to lifting a suspension, wiring auxiliary lights or adding a snorkel, it’s about as easy as it gets when it comes to vehicle enhancements and do-it-yourself projects.

It’s true that nothing is totally secure, but with tough steel security bins and lockboxes such as those from Tuffy, the deterrent factor increases the safety protection of your valuables exponentially. They offer peace of mind when you’re away from your vehicle and the value of that is incalculable.

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