Convenience Is Key
Tuffy Cargo Security Drawer
Apr 2024

Addressing the back end of the Bronco, this is the Tuffy Products drawer system. I’ve been needing something in the back of my Bronco to store like tools, spare parts like CV axles and whatnot so this is going to be a really nice thing to have in the back of the Bronco so stuff just isn’t flying around. I want to show you guys how this is installed and then I’ll give you guys my thoughts.

First step is we’re going to have to unbox it. The box is pretty big, it’s pretty heavy so let’s jump in the unboxing. So, we have the drawer system all taken out here and it comes pretty well put together with all the hardware and instructions inside of it. Locate all your hardware and keys to open it. It has a bar underneath just for shipping so we’re going to go ahead and take that off.

So, now we’re in the back of the Bronco. Looking at the nice detailed instructions we’re going to have to go ahead and take apart these Factory hooks that are in your trunk. It’s pretty simple to do you just kind of unhook the plastic and then we are going to unbolt these hooks. Once you have the hooks out, we’re just going to do that for all four corners.

Once you have all the factory hooks taken out of these spots, you’re going to go ahead and we’re going to screw the standoffs in. Doesn’t matter which way they go they’re the same on both sides. You do have to pay attention to which orientation they’re going to be in or which hole they’re going to be in so for the ones that are closest to the trunk you’re going to want have them facing forward and then in the rear you’re going to want to have them facing towards the trunk. You want both standoffs to be facing in board of the trunk and you’re only going to put one in each corner.

Now that you got the standoffs in we’re going to go ahead back to the drawer open it up. We’re going to take this drawer out so that we can get access to the bolts. To take it out you’re going to want to go ahead and push the release arms on both slides as you pull out and the drawer should just slide out.

Now that you have the drawer out, carefully pick it up and place it into the back of the Bronco. Then we’ll go ahead and try to line up these standoffs. Once you have the drawer system actually on top of the standoffs it’s kind of hard to see but the standoffs will go through holes up underneath the drawer system in all four corners. Take the nut and washer that come with them and you’re going to layer them up, install them and tighten them down. I promise, the standoff is sticking up underneath there and it’s going to be like that way in all four corners. The far ones you’re going to reach back up in there. Go ahead and tighten these up.

Next Step. You’re going to reuse the hooks that you took out of the floor of your trunk. The drawer has these nice spots right over here for them to be put back in with these screws. Go ahead and screw these guys into place. This way we have a nice place to tie stuff down with. Careful, don’t overtighten.

You can still get access to your under drawer storage, so if you ever wanted to you could just take the drawer out throw it on top or onto the ground and you can actually still get up underneath there and get to all your stuff that you want to have under there. It is going to be a little bit more difficult to get to it so I would only put stuff that you’re not going to use on a daily basis, like emergency stuff.

Go ahead and throw the drawer in and we’ll be done. Once the drawer is in it does take a little bit of finagling here with the side hinges you you do kind of need to finagle one side in and then the other side it might take two people to actually do it. Ours is a little tight uh but I think it should work out in the future. Maybe I just need to loosen up the bolts but it does work.

It does actually have here on the inside these nice dividers so you have a bunch of compartments that you could use for whatever you need. These ones actually bolted in over here which is nice. If you want to take them out, you just unbolt them. The drawer is felt lined on the bottom and seems pretty solid.

I’m going to load it up with a bunch of stuff and we should be good to go. All right, there we go. Pretty simple install for the Tuffy drawer system for the sixth gen Broncos. I think it’s pretty awesome I’ve been using it for a few days now. I’ve been cramming a bunch of stuff in it and it’s it’s working well. I mean you’re going to be able to put spare parts in there, tools, pretty much anything extra that you don’t want floating around. I used to just have a bunch of stuff floating around so it’s pretty nice to have somewhere to put it.

I have taken out the center slots and I’m just using three sections cuz I think that’s really all I need. I actually went ahead and put a little foam in there too, just to dampen any noise of loose stuff rattling around. You know I got some camera gear and whatnot in here. You don’t have to go ahead and put foam in here. It’s a really quiet system. Honestly, before that I just went ahead and did it more or less just to protect the metal and the coating a little bit. You know protect my stuff that’s in here.

It is felt lined on the bottom and this thing has some pretty sturdy rails. You’re not going to be able to push this thing down. This thing has a pretty heavy load rating, if I had to guess. It is lockable and it’s got a pretty stout locking system and latch. So, if you do want to lock it up, that is nice to have. You don’t really need to, in my opinion, because when it’s closed and your tailgate is locked it’s not like anyone can open it anyways but who knows. Maybe if you had the tailgate open and you want to show off some stuff, you’d want to have this locked and that’s an option. So yeah, there we go guys this is the Tuffy drawer system for the Ford Bronco.

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