Exploring Moab’s Stunning Scenery During Easter Jeep Safari | Mineral Bottom Trail
2024 Easter Jeep Safari - Gone GPN Trail Ride
Apr 2024
Apr 21, 2024


A winding shelf road, uranium mine, historical rock inscription, helicopters, goats, and an engine cooked burrito. The Gone-Gpn crew, four subscribers and friends from @Jeeptalkshow , @tuffyproductsofficial, @hopliteventuretreksoffroad2830, and @roamingreckless hit the trail for the third annual Gone-Gpn trail ride! For some of the crew Easter Jeep Safari can be a lot of work, guiding trails, teaching classes, filming, and photographing the Jeep Concepts.

The team trail ride is our time to relax, see the sights and put dirt under our tires. This year, Chris took the lead in his Expedicion De Las Americas CJ7 and guided the team down Mineral Bottom to a uranium mine, then deep in to Hell Roaring Canyon to see an 1836 rock inscription by Denis Julien. The trail was mild but the views were spectacular! Another Easter Jeep Safari for the books!