Expedicion de las Americas Jeep CJ-7 Restoration Episode 1 – Meet Edla
Nov 2022

In 1978, Mark A. Smith and a team from Jeepers Jamboree embarked on the longest overland expedition to date, a full crossing of the Americas from Tierra del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This included the Darien Gap, the nearly impenetrable jungle between Colombia and Panama. Edla (short for Expedicion de las Americas) is one of the five Jeep CJ-7s that completed the trip.

We recently acquired Edla from the original family, and will be performing a bumper-to-bumper restoration. We won’t be tampering with the beautiful rust, dents, and patina…our goal is to make her mechanically new while preserving her heritage.

Chris Collard, Gone-Gpn, Adventure Architects