Tuffy under truck lockable steel seat storage, will it help me get organized? How much will it hold?
Oct 2022

I need to get my truck organized, Tuffy Security Products has the steel lockable under seat storage that uses un-used space under my crew cabs rear seat. I like tool boxes but they take up space in the truck bed or with a cross-over take up space on my bed rail if I want to buy a topper. Tuffy is powder coated steel with 3 locks. Piano hinge on the lids, great construction. It fits totally under my 2nd row seat. Nobody will know all my money is inside. My money will all fit in my wallet though. Separate lids make it convenient to just flip up one of the seats and the matching Tuffy lockable lid. Thumbs up! #trailering #RealMrTruck lockable truck seat storage